Partner With Us

We're actively seeking partners for the Wearable Widgets platform. If you fit one of the descriptions below, please contact us – let's find out what we can do together!

Wearable Device Manufacturers

Want to give prospective users of your device a ready-made use case, as well as access to thousands of existing apps? Want to present developers with an API that they already know, and which already works with code they have deployed? Build Wearable Widgets into your device at the platform level and jump-start your wearable's appeal to both groups. Get in touch with us now.

For a good, independent argument in favor of including widget compatibility on your wearable platform, please see this blog post by Mark Murphy, a respected Android author and speaker (who's unaffiliated with Wearable Widgets).

Android Developers

If you have an Android app with widgets, there's a good chance that we're already working together - our platform was built to let your current users run your widgets on their wearables with no extra work. But we're looking into a tighter integration: for devices like Google Glass which have full Android onboard, there's no reason that they can't run your widgets natively, on-device. All they need is a container – an AppWidgetHost – and that's what we do.

We're currently exploring the possibilities in this exciting new space, and we'd love to hear from widget devs who'd like to expand their own markets. Drop us a line and let us know.