Supported Wearable Devices

We currently support showing widgets from your connected Android smartphone (or tablet) on the following wearables. Click on your device type for more information.

Currently Supported

Other Devices

With just a few limitations (see below), we should be able to make Wearable Widgets work on virtually any full-featured wearable device. If you have a device that meets these criteria and you'd like to see it supported, please contact us and let us know!

Works with Android

Since our entire platform is based around mirroring widgets from an Android phone to a wearable device, the two must talk to each other: the device must pair to an Android phone (or tablet). This means that we just can't work our magic on iPhone-based devices, nor on purely standalone smartwatches like the Omate TrueSmart.

Note: if you're the developer of a self-contained Android wearable (such as the TrueSmart), what we can do is partner with you to bring widgets (and developers) directly to your platform. Please refer to our Partner page for more information.

Reasonable Display

Obviously, in order to show widgets from your phone, the wearable needs to have a reasonable display. This certainly excludes most fitness-oriented activity trackers, but unfortunately, also leaves out devices (including Pebble and the Gear Fit) whose display is either too small or too color-limited for the vast majority of widgets to render acceptably.

Public API

We can only port Wearable Widgets to devices that have a full-featured, public Application Programming Interface (API). This excludes devices such as the Qualcomm TOQ and the original (pre-Tizen) Samsung Galaxy Gear.