How It Works

Wearable Widgets app on phone The key to Wearable Widgets is our app that runs on your Android phone (or tablet). Just like your home screen, it acts as a host for widgets from other apps: you can select a widget from any app you have installed, and our platform will then display it on your wearable device. In other words, your widgets are still running on your phone, not directly on your wearable.

[Obviously, not every widget will work well on every device, and that's unavoidable. On the Sony SmartWatch 1, for example, we've found that the screen doesn't really have the resolution to display widgets larger than 2x2. But keep it sensible, and you should be OK.]

The Wearable Widgets app is where you'll go to select and configure your widgets for display on your wearable device, but once that's done, you won't need to go back into it again. In day-to-day use, the process of is fully automated: your widgets are just available on-device.

Generally, you'll also need a piece of software to receive the widget on the wearable side. In some cases (like the Sony SmartWatch) that's a bridge app, supplied by the device manufacturer, but which still runs on your phone. In other cases it's a second little app that we've developed to run directly on your wearable device. Please follow your device's link (at the top of this page) for more information.